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Usherette Trays: Adding Style and Convenience to Your Event Experience

Usherette Trays: Adding Style and Convenience to Your Event Experience
Are you planning an event or show and want to enhance the experience for your guests? Look no further than usherette trays! These stylish and functional accessories are a fantastic way to add convenience and sophistication to any occasion. In this blog post, we will explore usherette trays in detail, discussing their benefits, uses, and why they have become a must-have for event organisers. So, whether you're hosting a theatre production, a concert, or a corporate gathering, usherette trays are sure to impress. Read on to discover how usherette trays can elevate your event to new heights!


What Are Usherette Trays?

Usherette trays, also known as vendor trays or hawker trays, trays with straps, designed specifically for event ushers or vendors. These trays are worn by the ushers, allowing them to serve and sell refreshments, snacks, and merchandise directly to guests during events. Usherette trays are typically made of lightweight materials like wood, plastic or acrylic, making them easy to carry and handle for extended periods.


The Benefits of Usherette Trays

1. Convenience and Mobility: Usherette trays provide a convenient and efficient way for ushers to carry and distribute items. With a tray securely worn via shoulder straps, ushers can move freely through crowded venues, ensuring quick and hassle-free service for attendees.

2. Enhanced Guest Experience: By using usherette trays, event organisers can offer a unique and personalised experience to their guests. The ability to purchase refreshments or merchandise without leaving their seats adds convenience and avoids disruptions during performances.

3. Branding Opportunities: Usherette trays can be customised with logos, branding elements, or event-specific designs. This allows event organisers to promote their brand or sponsors effectively, creating a cohesive and professional atmosphere.


Creative Uses of Usherette Trays

1. Food and Beverage Sales: Usherette trays are commonly used to sell snacks, drinks, and concessions. Whether it's a theatre show, a sports event, or a music festival, ushers equipped with usherette trays can easily cater to attendees' cravings, ensuring everyone enjoys the event to the fullest.

2. Merchandise Sales: Usherette trays are also perfect for merchandise sales. From concert t-shirts to event memorabilia, ushers can showcase and sell items directly to guests, boosting sales and providing an additional revenue stream.

3. Event Surveys and Feedback: Usherette trays can be utilised to distribute event surveys or feedback forms. Ushers can collect valuable data and opinions from attendees, helping organisers gather insights for future improvements.


How to Choose the Right Usherette Trays

1. Material and Durability: Look for usherette trays made of high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting. Opt for trays that can withstand regular use and are resistant to spills and impact.

2. Comfort and Fit: Ensure the usherette trays come with adjustable shoulder straps. The trays should be lightweight and ergonomically designed to prevent strain during extended use.

3. Customisation Options: If branding is important to your event, select usherette trays that can be easily customised with logos, event details, or sponsor information. This helps create a cohesive visual identity and promotes brand recognition.


Usherette trays have become an essential accessory for event organisers looking to provide convenience and a touch of elegance to their guests. With their practicality, mobility, and branding potential, usherette trays are a versatile tool that enhances the overall event experience.


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