Hawker trays

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Here at SM Studios we are proud to offer an extensive range of hawker trays. Our hawker trays have many printing and branding options including full colour CMYK prints on all sides and a strap printing service. We now print all of our hawker trays in house so extremely quick turn arounds are usually possible. Because we actually print the panels of our standard black or white hawker trays it is possible to achieve exact colour matches which we understand is crucial for most brands (see example pictures below).

Have a browse through our website to see how our hawker trays can benefit your brand and please contact us with any questions and ideas. 

Hawker tray 2hawker tray 1

hawker tray 3

hawker tray 4hawker tray 5wicker hawker traywicker hawker tray 7

Fully Printed Usherette Trays

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Here at SM Studios we know the value of brand awareness and recognise the importance of branding your usherette trays in the correct colours and styles. Because of this we now offer a full printing service for most of our usherette trays. We do this in house so we can usually print and dispatch them within 1-2 days. By using our full colour (CMYK) printing service on our stock usherette trays, you can guarantee the colour will be an exact match to your brand colours and it also gives you the option to be more creative with your usherette trays. 

We now offer custom branded, Usherette Tray straps with your logo!

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We are extremely excited to be able to offer branding solution for the straps of your usherette trays. With them being 5cm wide, the straps are an ideal branding surface that usually goes to waste that is directly in front of your audience. Branding the straps also ads an even more bespoke feel and look to your usherette tray.

The cost of adding a single colour logo to your straps is £18 extra per usherette tray. This works best with a wider logo like the Selfridges, Waitress or Misguided ones pictured.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have on this and we will be happy to help you.

Waitress Usherette Tray Misguided Usherette Tray Straps

Selfridges Usherette Tray with branded straps 

Usherette Tray Cash Dispenser!

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Finally we have a great solution for usherette tray money handling.

Until now, selling items from usherette trays in theaters and other venues has meant fumbling around in bum bags full of random coins and screwed up banknotes.

With this specially designed device it is now possible to quickly and efficiently take payment and give change while keeping all float in a organised setup.

This can be attached to any of our range of usherette trays.

New product development for 2015!

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2015 is going to be an exciting and interesting time here at SM Studios! The usherette tray trend is rapidly growing and we are at the front of it.

2015 is bringing a re-design of some of our classic usherette trays to make them even more user friendly while also maintaining and even improving the aesthetics.

Keep an eye out!

Usherette Trays Photo shoot Photot

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The pictures from out latest usherette tray photo shoot are almost ready. They also feature the changes we have made to our products to make them even better and ultra user friendly.

usherette tray photo shoot

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Here at SM Studios we are always looking to update and improve our usherette trays and other products. We are now introducing a new wooden range of usherette tray as well as vintage style dresses to give a complete usherette package. Because of this we felt it was important to completely re-do all of our pictures in one big photo shoot. Here is a little preview of the shoot and the final images should be up in the next couple of days.


New Usherette Tray Packages!

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As well as developing our new range of high quality wooden usherette trays we will soon be offering a full usherette package for an extremely reasonable price! This package will include:1 x usherette tray of your choice, 1 x vintage style rockabilly dress and 1 x petticoat. A fantastic timeless package for any event. Keep an eye out for new developments!

New Wooden Usherette Trays

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This Christmas we will be launching our new range of quality wood usherette trays. These will come in two sizes and have deluxe adjustable nylon straps with real leather ends as standard. These are amazing build quality and we are very excited about these.

Iron Man Suits

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Here at SM Studios we are always looking to develop new, exciting and inspiring products. We believe we have really done that with our new ever-growing range of fully wearable Iron Man Suit replicas. They are so light weight as well as being robust enough to use time and time again. Firstly they are a work of art and are beautiful designs. Please check them out in our catalog for more information on out iron man suits for sale.